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These documents, contacts, and construction trends are aimed at helping your business grow. They're routinely updated and include escalation reports, insurance requirements, sample subcontracts, and bonding and insurance resources."

Bonding and Insurance Resources

Brasfield & Gorrie has built relationships with the companies listed below that specialize in assisting minority, women, and small business enterprises obtain the bonding and insurance requirements needed to be successful in the construction industry.

Bonding Resources

  1. Nancy Gaitan, Liberty Mutual
    [email protected]
    (expertise includes the placement of contractors with the SBA Bond Backed Program)
  2. Chris Smith, Anderson & Catania
    [email protected]
  3. Cynthia Alexander, Cynanotary
    [email protected]
  4. Devin Moore, Moore Surety Bonds Agency
    [email protected]

Benefits Consulting

  1. Joanne Hasko
    [email protected] 
    EMA Quick Information Flier



  1. David Harris, Sterling Seacrest Pritchard
    [email protected] – Georgia
  2. Joel McCandless, McCandless Insurance
    [email protected] – Alabama
  3. Gray DePasquale, Liberty Mutual
    [email protected]
  4. George Starke, ISC Financial
    [email protected] – Florida

Company Valuation

  1. Renee Fair, Trustee Capital, LLC
    Capability Statement – Trustee Capital LLC