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Our industry is powered by the suppliers and trade contractors who build up our communities one contract at a time. Whether members are looking to make meaningful relationships or deepen their industry knowledge, we’re here to help.

Community Networking

We value strong relationships.
Our construction partners are an important part of our success.

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We believe in creating opportunities. EQUIP members have access to new project bids.

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Events and Workshops.

We encourage learning and education. Our mission is to help you build up your business.

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We provide the resources to build best practices. Members have access to key tools.

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Meet our members

Spotlights take a moment to celebrate and highlight the success of EQUIP members.

Meta Team, LLC

Sarah Ellis | AEC Works

Teco Stephens | 3Way Cleaning

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"I appreciated hearing the perspective of a member of leadership from such a successful company. The connection of personal values to company values was particularly helpful."
- Equip Workshop: Effective Leadership
"As a Small Business Contracting Certified, opportunity is a must, the EQUIP Workshops have such a valuable resource."
- Equip Workshop: Effective Leadership

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