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EQUIP creates connections and fosters opportunities for small and women- and minority-owned suppliers and trade contractors. Become a member and gain access to networking events, training sessions, and more.

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Multifamily Market Sector EQUIP Workshop Registration

02/20/2024 12:00 pm Zoom


The registration for the EQUIP Multifamily market sector workshop is now live! This year’s workshop topics will cover Brasfield & Gorrie’s top six market sectors. Join us as we cover the multifamily market sector on February 20. This workshop will be hosted by Chris Evans, Brasfield & Gorrie’s Region 3 division manager. After the discussion, participants will have 30 minutes to attend breakout rooms of their choice and network with members of our Preconstruction Department.

Use the link below to register for the virtual workshop, come grow your knowledge and network with Brasfield & Gorrie!


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EQUIP Workshop: Effective Leadership

I appreciated hearing the perspective of a member of leadership from such a successful company. The connection of personal values to company values was particularly helpful.

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